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Physical Review C


The standard model (SM) of particle physics is spectacularly successful, yet the measured value of the muon anomalous magnetic moment (g-2)μ deviates from SM calculations by 3.6σ. Several theoretical models attribute this to the existence of a "dark photon," an additional U(1) gauge boson, which is weakly coupled to ordinary photons. The PHENIX experiment at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider has searched for a dark photon, U, in π0,η→γe+e- decays and obtained upper limits of O(2×10‐⁶) U-γ mixing at 90% C.L. for the mass range 30< mᵤ < 90 MeV/c². Combined with other experimental limits, the remaining region in the U-γ mixing parameter space that can explain the (g-2)ᵤ deviation from its SM value is nearly completely excluded at the 90% confidence level, with only a small region of 29



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