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This proposal outlines several courses of action to assist Wahoo Fitness with increasing brand loyalty, exposure, and customer interactive social experience via the technological advances and opportunities offered by social media. Within the last decade, Wahoo has led the indoor bike trainer industry with innovative technology by building smart bike trainers, sensors, and bike computers for the active consumer. The intention of this proposal is to provide Wahoo with research and concepts for new venues of innovation, primarily through social media platforms. Aligning the outlined courses of action with specific evaluation criteria will ensure that this venture meets Wahoo’s intent and vision, including tangible increase in the customer experience, resource requirements, infrastructure investment, existing product and service impact, and potential location venues. These evaluation criteria will then be weighed by priority in order to suggest a viable way forward that meets Wahoo’s end-state. This end-state includes increased market penetration and brand exposure, measurable increases in customer satisfaction and loyalty, and the establishment of an all-inclusive social platform to connect and engage customers worldwide with the Wahoo ecosystem of products and services. This proposal will expand upon Wahoo’s goal of changing the way Wahoo customers train and equip themselves with innovative tools and services through an interactive approach on existing social media platforms.

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