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Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online


The title compound, [Cd(C 2H 3O 3P)(H 2O)] n, was obtained from vinyl-phospho-nic acid and cadmium nitrate. The vinyl groups project into the inter-lamellar space and the structure is held together via van der Waals forces. The Cd 2+ ion is six-coordinate and the geometry is best described as distorted octa-hedral, with O - Cd - O angles falling within the range 61.72 (13)-101.82 (14)°. Five of the coordinated oxygen atoms originate from the phospho-nate group and the sixth from a bound water molecule. Cd - O distances lie between 2.220 (3) and 2.394 (2) Å. The water molecule is hydrogen bonded to a phospho-nate oxygen atom.



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