Song-Kyoo Kim

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Conference Proceeding

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Proceedings of SPIE - the International Society for Optical Engineering


A microcell is a cell with 1-km or less radius which is suitable for heavily urbanized area such as a metropolitan city. This paper deals with the microcell prediction model of propagation loss which uses probabilistic techniques. The RSL (Receive Signal Level) is the factor which can evaluate the performance of a microcell and the LOS (Line-Of-Sight) component and the blockage loss directly effect on the RSL. We are combining the probabilistic method to get these performance factors. The mathematical methods include the CLT (Central Limit Theorem) and the SPC (Statistical Process Control) to get the parameters of the distribution. This probabilistic solution gives us better measuring of performance factors. In addition, it gives the probabilistic optimization of strategies such as the number of cells, cell location, capacity of cells, range of cells and so on. Specially, the probabilistic optimization techniques by itself can be applied to real-world problems such as computer-networking, human resources and manufacturing process.

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