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Proceedings of SPIE - the International Society for Optical Engineering


We proposed in this paper a novel multiple description scalable coding (MDSC) scheme based on in-band motion compensation temporal filtering (IBMCTF) technique in order to achieve high video coding performance and robust video transmission. The input video sequence is first split into equal-sized groups of frames (GOFs). Within a GOF, each frame is hierarchically decomposed by discrete wavelet transform. Since there is a direct relationship between wavelet coefficients and what they represent in the image content after wavelet decomposition, we are able to reorganize the spatial orientation trees to generate multiple bit-streams and employed SPIHT algorithm to achieve high coding efficiency. We have shown that multiple bit-stream transmission is very effective in combating error propagation in both Internet video streaming and mobile wireless video. Furthermore, we adopt the IBMCTF scheme to remove the redundancy for inter-frames along the temporal direction using motion compensated temporal filtering, thus high coding performance and flexible scalability can be provided in this scheme. In order to make compressed video resilient to channel error and to guarantee robust video transmission over mobile wireless channels, we add redundancy to each bit-stream and apply error concealment strategy for lost motion vectors. Unlike traditional multiple description schemes, the integration of these techniques enable us to generate more than two bit-streams that may be more appropriate for multiple antenna transmission of compressed video. Simulate results on standard video sequences have shown that the proposed scheme provides flexible trade off between coding efficiency and error resilience.



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