Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences

First Advisor

Prasanta Sahoo

Second Advisor

Daniel Kirk

Third Advisor

Geoffrey Swain

Fourth Advisor

George Maul


Predicting the resistance of a high-speed monohull has been of interest to Naval Architects for several decades. Even though considerable amount of research has been carried out in this area, there remains a degree of uncertainty in the accurate resistance prediction in the early design stage. This research thesis attempts to investigate a method for enhancing the accuracy of resistance prediction methods for high-speed round-bilge monohull form vessels for a wide range of volumetric Froude numbers (Fn). While a number of systematic series are in existence, their data are either not readily available or scattered in various internal reports and publications which makes it difficult for practicing naval architects to exploit the knowledge base. In this thesis the following high-speed round bilge systematic series hull forms have been considered for regression analysis, namely:  NPL (1969)  S-NPL (1994)  SKLAD (1972-1980) and  AMERC (1984-2000) Earlier objective of this thesis was to obtain a common regression equation for a wide parameter space which would be encompassing all the above systematic series. As this was not feasible due to lack of data in areas that were considered crucial, hence separate regression analysis has been carried out for each series. The new regression equations have been proposed for a broad range of geometrical parameters so that a designer has an instant tool to make a decision regarding powering prediction in the design stage.