Date of Award


Document Type

Doctoral Research Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)



First Advisor

Richard T. Elmore Jr.

Second Advisor

Barbara M. Paulillo

Third Advisor

Robert A. Taylor


The present study utilized the 16 Personality Factor Couple’s Counseling Report (16PF CCR) to contribute to the limited amount of research evaluating gender differences on personality factors which may influence relationship adjustment and marital satisfaction between males and females in dual-veteran couples following deployment. Results were obtained from a total of 23 heterosexual dual-veteran couples (23 males and 23 females) who volunteered to participate in the present study. Statistically significant gender differences were found for one of the Global Personality Factors, Independence; however, there were no significant findings in the Individual Satisfaction Items, Primary Personality Factors, Relationship Adjustment scores, or Overall Marital Satisfaction scores of the 16PF CCR. Therefore, the present findings suggest there could be more personality similarities amongst partners in dual-military marriages rather than differences. Limitations of this study, clinical implications, and areas for further research are also discussed.


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