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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Engineering and Sciences

First Advisor

Rhoda Baggs Koss

Second Advisor

David Clay

Third Advisor

John Barranti

Fourth Advisor

William D. Shoaff


This paper will discuss and prove the feasibility of using XML to transfer, compare, and view data created during automated testing of black boxes; stored both in simple text format and relational database format. This system arises from the need for the reliability department to review the test data from the flight hardware at all testing locations. For the purposes of this paper we will refer to this system as the "Test Data Retrieval System" (TDRS). This data review is being done to determine if there are any negative trends in the hardware that may be surfacing. This data resides in two different filing systems and must be displayed together at the same time to be of much value. In this study a "system" will be presented consisting of a web-server and several web pages containing "PHP" scripting to interface with a "MYSQL" database and text files to extract test data. The text files contain the test data of the hardware (black box's) acceptance testing done at the vendor and at the final assembly plant. This web server based system uses Apache as the web server and contains the add-ins for XML and PHP. The XML formatted data is being used to be portable to other platforms other than Windows. The PHP scripting language is employed to aid in the use of transmitting the XML formatted data and makes dynamic web page generation relatively easy, and is also portable to other platforms other than Windows. One of the main benefits of the proposed system (with the implementation of PHP) is that it provides a seamless integration of popular "open-source" software applications to achieve the desired results. Another benefit is that "basic" code is readily available from many different sources and requires little modification to adapt to successfully meet the requirements of this endeavor.


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