Dong Rip Kim

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Solar cells are attractive candidates for generating clean and renewable energy. Nanowires (NWs) due to their unique electrical and optical properties offer new opportunities to solar cells for reduced cost and improved efficiency. Although SiNWs have been already demonstrated as promising solar cell elements1 , to harness the full potential of SiNWs, SiNW solar cells require further characterizations and optimizations, including device integrations of SiNWs and surface treatments of SiNWs. Herein we report three main research results to characterize and optimize the performance of SiNW solar cells: 1) single and tandem axial p-i-n SiNW solar cells, 2) direct growth of SiNW solar cells, and 3) effective junction and surface passivation strategies for Si wire radial junction solar cells.

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Link Foundation Fellowship for the years 2008-2010



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