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NCEE 2014 - 10th U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering: Frontiers of Earthquake Engineering


In this paper, the authors investigate the control of the seismic response of a three dimensional asymmetrical tier-building model, with a combination of three tuned mass dampers (TMD) located on the upper floor of the building. The 3D frame model represents a 3-story steel building designed for the SAC project in Los Angeles, California. All the dynamic analyses of the 3D structure are performed in ANSYS. The frequencies of the three TMD's and excitations are tuned to the appropriate fundamental frequencies of the model. The optimal number and location of the TMD's on the top floor are investigated, to reduce the horizontal displacements in two orthogonal directions, and the in plane rotation of each story. The authors compare the dynamic response of the 3D asymmetrical building under unidirectional and bidirectional sinusoidal excitations, and real earthquake excitations with no TMD's, or with combinations of one, two, and three TMD's. The combination of three TMD's yields the largest response reduction. In the final series of tests, a "floating" top floor, resting on rubber bearings, provides the mass for the three TMD's. The results show a significant reduction of the displacements and rotations of the building. The effect of non-linear behavior of the structure is also investigated.



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