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Procedia Engineering


The pressuremeter used was essentially the PENCEL pressuremeter (PPMT), manufactured by ROCTEST, Inc. This paper offers a description of the equipment, testing procedure, theory to obtain parameters of the ground and to develop the p-y curves for laterally loaded piles. From PPMT data reduced to graphs of pressure versus volume, soil parameters including the lift-off pressure, the initial elastic and reload moduli, and the limit pressure were determined. Methods developed to determine p-y curves from pressuremeter and dilatometer (DMT) test. P-y curves are used in the analysis to represent lateral soil-pile interaction. The pressuremeter offers an almost ideal in-situ modelling tool for determining directly the p-y curves for the design of deep foundations. As the pressuremeter can be driven into the soil, the results can be used to model a displacement pile. DMT tests were performed for comparisons with PPMT tests. Correlations were developed between the PPMT and DMT results, show consistency in soil parameters values. Comparison between PPMT and DMT p-y curves were developed based on the ultimate soil resistance, the slope of the initial portion of the curves, the shape of the curves. The initial slope shows a good agreement for this comparison. The predicted DMT and PPMT ultimate loads are not similar, while the predicted PPMT and DMT deflections within the elastic range are identical.

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