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Florida Scientist


The dominant term in the estimation of net flux calculation, between a marsh and a source of tidal water is often the exchange of water. The purpose of this study was to provide a description of the methodology used to estimate the volumetric exchange of surface waters between a managed marsh and the Indian River Lagoon during the managed and unmanaged periods. The paper also documents the simplifying assumptions that had to be made to estimate the exchanges both during the managed and unmanaged period. These assumptions had to be made either because the data were limited mainly due to the cost constraints of the project, or the hydrologic variables were functions of random processes that were difficult to model. The volumetric exchanges during the managed period were computed using direct flow measurements as well as by water balance and the estimated values were within 4.4 percent of each other. The exchanges during the unmanaged period were computed using only direct flow measurements. During the unmanaged period, the bulk of the water is exchanged during mid tide but the magnitude of the exchange depends on the high tide elevation.

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