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Proceedings of SPIE - the International Society for Optical Engineering


This paper describes the radiative transfer of the sun's electromagnetic energy utilizing a solution to the two-flow irradiance equations that generates fast and accurate estimates of light distributions in any layered media, such as water with depth dependent concentrations of water column constituents. The layered model is designed to generate synthetic water surface reflectance signatures and associated synthetic images, in the presence of depth dependent water constituents, various bottom types, and variable water depths. The layered model accounts for specular (collimated) irradiance below the water's surface and utilizes boundary conditions that allow the absorption, backscatter, beam attenuation, and conversion (from specular irradiance to diffuse irradiance) coefficients to vary as a function of depth. In addition, the model allows one to compute the influences of submerged targets, bottom types or unique submerged targets or water column layers with defined by their reflectance signatures or unique absorption and backscatter characteristics. Model simulations are presented to demonstrate the utility of the model for development of remote sensing algorithms for use in coastal and marine water types.

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