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Proceedings of SPIE - the International Society for Optical Engineering


Simulated and airborne imagery demonstrate the ability to see manmade and natural objects below the water wave surface. Traditional photogrammetric imagery and airborne digital imagery both suffer from a loss in image clarity due to a number of factors, including the forward motion of the airborne platform. Blurring due to this effect can be calculated and an opto-mechanical system has been designed in order to help remove this effect. Forward motion blur can be shown to occur on the order of a several centimeters and calculation results are presented. The system is described and imagery is shown to demonstrate image blurring. Preliminary results obtained from an improved Monte Carlo model is also used to show expected results and to begin developing image correction methods in order to remove the blur due to water wave influences. Limitations to the hardware method suggest that the opto-mechanical system designed may lead to additional blur due to nonuniform focal plane focusing issues. The techniques have unique opportunities to help improve hyperspectral pushbroom sensors in addition to large frame mapping cameras that are in use today or being developed for future use.



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