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Journal of Geophysical Research


The Lazarus and Bewley [2005] (hereinafter referred to as LB05) evaluation of the Archer and Jacobson [2003] (hereinafter referred to as AJ03) methodology was designed to examine various sensitivities of a wind power parameterization that was applied globally to estimate 80-m wind power. AJ03 has since been updated in a sequence of papers which has, in part, resulted in a reduction of their original power estimates due to some changes in their basic equations. The motivation for the LB05 work can be found in AJ03’s Figure 3 which indicates annual wind power estimates of class 6 and 7 effectively collocated with class 1 and 2 along the Florida east coast. Note that there were several relevant findings associated with our detailed analysis of the AJ03 parameterization (as we applied it), which are clearly stated in the conclusions of LB05.



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