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Proceedings of SPIE - the International Society for Optical Engineering


In this paper we conduct sensitivity analyses of the land surface boundary conditions and parameterizations in the UTC-M primitive equation atmospheric planetary boundary layer Seabreeze model. The boundary conditions for temperature of the ocean and land surface is based upon satellite derived AVHRR estimates over the water (SST) and coastal land margins. The sensitivity analysis ofthe boundary conditions as well as the heating and cooling rates in the planetary boundary layer model are also described. The model domain of interest is the region over the Space Coast of Central Florida. This region is unique because of its complex coastal water-land margin and its close proximity to the Gulf Stream and Cape Canaveral. This model study demonstrates a method whereby the ocean surface and atmosphere is couple using remotely sensed data for predicting the coastal Seabreeze and associated convective convergence and expected cloud development in the planetary boundary layer.

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