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The effects of beach renourishment were examined at two different beaches located in Brevard County, Florida: Avenue Band Ponce Landing. Two profiles were taken the summer of 2015 at Avenue B and one profile was taken at Ponce Landing. These profiles were then compared to previous years at the same beaches. Avenue B, a renourished beach, and Ponce Landing, a non-renourished beach, showed variability in the elevation, volume, and mean elevation difference between the years 2010-2015. The results indicated that beach renourishment has a significant difference in the mean elevation difference. Even though a renourished beach will have a net gain in sand after renourishment however, the erosion rate is higher than at a non-renourished beach. Avenue B was more susceptible to meteorological effects such as Hurricane Sandy, resulting in a greater net sand loss compared to Ponce Landing.

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Faculty Advisors: G. Maul and C. Combs



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