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Astronomy and Astrophysics


We present the results of a photometric multisite campaign on the δ Scuti Pre-Main-Sequence star IP Per. Nine telescopes have been involved in the observations, with a total of about 190 h of observations over 38 nights. Present data confirms the multiperiodic nature of this star and leads to the identification of at least nine pulsational frequencies. Comparison with the predictions of linear non-adiabatic radial pulsation models allowed us to identify only five of the nine observed frequencies, and to constrain the position of IP Per in the HR diagram. The latter is in good agreement with the empirical determination of the stellar parameters obtained by Miroshnichenko et al. (2001, A&A, 377, 854). An initial interpretation of the observed frequencies using the Aarhus non-radial pulsation code suggests that three frequencies could be associated with non-radial (l=2) modes. Finally, we present new evolutionary and pulsation models at lower metallicity (Z=0.008) to take into account the possibility that IP Per is metal deficient, as indicated by Miroshnichenko et al. (2001, A&A, 377, 854).



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