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Physical Review Letters


The momentum distribution of electrons from semileptonic decays of charm and bottom quarks for midrapidity jyj < 0:35 in p þ p collisions at ffiffi s p ¼ 200 GeV is measured by the PHENIX experiment at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider over the transverse momentum range 2 < pT < 7 GeV=c. The ratio of the yield of electrons from bottom to that from charm is presented. The ratio is determined using partial D=D ! e KX (K unidentified) reconstruction. It is found that the yield of electrons from bottom becomes significant above 4 GeV=c in pT. A fixed-order-plus-next-to-leading-log perturbative quantum chromodynamics calculation agrees with the data within the theoretical and experimental uncertainties. The extracted total bottom production cross section at this energy is bb ¼ 3:2þ1:2 1:1ðstatÞ þ1:4 1:3ðsystÞb.



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