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Physical Review C


The azimuthal anisotropy coefficients v₂ and v₄ of π⁰ and η mesons are measured in Au + Au collisions at √sNN=200 GeV as a function of transverse momentum pT (1-14 GeV/c) and centrality. The extracted v₂ coefficients are found to be consistent between the two meson species over the measured pT range. The ratio of v₄/v₂² for π⁰ mesons is found to be independent of pT for 1-9 GeV/c, implying a lack of sensitivity of the ratio to the change of underlying physics with pT. Furthermore, the ratio of v₄/v₂² is systematically larger in central collisions, which may reflect the combined effects of fluctuations in the initial collision geometry and finite viscosity in the evolving medium.



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