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Geophysical Research Letters


A nonlinear guiding center (NLGC) theory for diffusion of charged particles perpendicular to the mean magnetic field was recently proposed. Here, we draw attention to a number of attractive features of this theory: (1) The theory provides a natural mechanism to connect the perpendicular mean free path with the parallel mean free path. In fact, the parallel mean free path is the only particle property required to determine uniquely the perpendicular mean free path. (2) Under a broad range of conditions, the theory predicts that the perpendicular mean free path will be of order one percent or a few percent of the parallel mean free path, in agreement with numerical simulations of particle transport. (3) For conditions representative of the inner heliosphere, the theory predicts values of the perpendicular mean free path in agreement with observational determinations from Jovian electrons and from modeling Ulysses observations of Galactic protons.



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