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Journal of High Energy Physics


Measurements of jet production rates in association with W and Z bosons for jet transverse momenta above 30 GeV are reported, using a sample of proton-proton collision events recorded by CMS at √s = 7TeV , corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 36 pb − 1. The study includes the measurement of the normalized inclusive rates of jets σ(V + ≥ n jets)/σ(V), where V represents either a W or a Z. In addition, the ratio of W to Z cross sections and the W charge asymmetry as a function of the number of associated jets are measured. A test of scaling at √s = 7TeV is also presented. The measurements provide a stringent test of perturbative-QCD calculations and are sensitive to the possible presence of new physics. The results are in agreement with the predictions of a simulation that uses explicit matrix element calculations for final states with jets.



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