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The current technology that exists to successfully locate a missing person in the vast wilderness of a National or State Park has not changed much within the past few decades. Although search and rescue UAVs currently exist, they only do so in bulky, expensive, and inefficient means for the average rescue team. The big question that must be asked in this endeavor is as follows: “How can we work towards making SAR missions more efficient and time effective because time is of the essence and is basically a matter of life and death?” The team used the above as a mission statement in the design. By taking all factors of a SAR mission into account, the following deliverables were established for the project. • Fully Functional UAV • Some level of Autonomy • Long Range/High Endurance (6hrs) • Thermal Imaging • Easily Deployable (30 min)


Brian Kaplinger, Tiauw Go

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