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Proceedings of SPIE - the International Society for Optical Engineering


Spatial Domain Multiplexing (SDM) is a novel technique that allows co-propagation of two or more optical communication channels of the same wavelengths over a single strand of optical fiber cable by maintaining spatial separation between the channels. Spatial multiplexer known as the beam combiner module (BCM) supports helical propagation of light to ensure spatial separation between the channels. It is inserted at the input end of the system. Spatial de-multiplexing is achieved by a unit named beam separator module (BSM). This unit is inserted at the receiving end of the system and it routes the optical energy from individual channels to dedicated receivers. Spatially multiplexed channels exhibit negligible crosstalk. The bandwidth of the fiber optic systems employing SDM technique increases by multiple folds. CAD model of a beam combiner module for a two channel system using commercially available simulation tools is presented here. Simulated beam profile of the output is compared to the experimental data



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