Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical and Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Rodrigo Mesa-Arango

Second Advisor

Anand Balu Nellippallil

Third Advisor

Albert M. Bleakley

Fourth Advisor

Ashok Pandit


This research investigates the demand for pedestrian navigation supported by augmented reality (AR) via headset and mobile technologies by evaluating factors specific to each technology and the decision makers. Recent advances in digital engineering systems, e.g., digital twins and smart cities, are enabling new services like AR-supported wayfinding for pedestrians. Still, it is unknown whether American pedestrians would use AR, the type devices and feature that add value to their navigation, the demographic profiles more inclined to AR wayfinding, and the sensitivity of such demand to software and hardware cost. As the first investigation addressing the demand for AR pedestrian navigation, this investigation addresses those inquiries by estimating a multinomial logit model with random parameter for AR pedestrian navigation utilization using SP data collected online on the entire U.S. Results provide guidance to private companies, public agencies, and the general public on the devices and factors driving the demand for AR pedestrian navigation.


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