Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Gary Burns

Second Advisor

Heidi Edwards

Third Advisor

Patrick D. Converse

Fourth Advisor

Vanessa Edkins


The present study utilized a person-centered approach to examine the individual differences in the after-hours recovery process and begin to elucidate the differential influence of boundary management variables (i.e., segmentation preference, segmentation supplies, and boundary control), on variables that are important to the after-hours recovery process (i.e., after-hours work, recovery experiences, and recovery outcomes). Previous research has shown conflicting results regarding the negative influence of working during non-work hours on recovering from work, as well as inconsistencies concerning the boundary management variables that moderate this relationship. The person-centered analysis revealed that quantitatively distinct subpopulations or profiles, made up of different combinations of key boundary management variables do exist, and these profiles exhibit different levels of after-hours work, recovery experiences, and recovery outcomes. The current study provides initial support for the use of a person-centered approach to better understand the nuances in the after-hours recovery process across subpopulations. Future directions for research as well as both theoretical and practical implications are discussed.