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Master of Science (MS)



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Brooke E. Wheeler

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Rian Mehta

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Theodore G. Petersen

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John E. Deaton


This thesis examines the relationship between two aviation safety culture scales: the Airline Safety Culture Index (ASCI; Flight Safety Foundation, 2001) and the Organizational Safety Culture Questionnaire (OSCQ; Patankar, 2003). This study compared two safety culture instruments using a correlational methodology. The two scales were combined into a questionnaire distributed to hundreds of aviation students and professionals. The students were sampled using a stratified cluster sample method, and the professionals were sampled using a snowball method. There were 259 initial usable responses; after outliers were removed, the sample size was 244. A Pearson’s product-moment correlation found that the ASCI and overall OSCQ scores had a strong, positive correlation (r (244) = .79, p < .001, 95% CI [.73, .83]). The main conclusions are that these safety culture scales have a strong, positive correlation. Furthermore, additional comparative research between safety culture instruments should proceed as there is some underlying construct validity. A MANOVA was planned, but the sample size was too small to achieve a significant result, which could have provided a more precise direction for additional research. Regardless, research fundamentals have been established that should allow future researchers to make progress toward a potential universal aviation safety culture instrument.


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