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Master of Science in Aviation - Airport Development and Management



First Advisor

William B. Rankin

Second Advisor

Michael A. Gallo

Third Advisor

B. Andrew Cudmore


The purpose of this study was to identify factors that influence a person to choose airport manager as a professional career and how these factors relate to the level of satisfaction the person experiences with this career choice. By using a correlational methodology with an explanatory design, this study examined the influence of early aviation interests, demographics, health factors, formal education, and other aviation experiences on Norwegian airport managers’ career choice and its relationship to their level of career satisfaction. A sample of N = 39 airport managers at Norwegian commercial service airports were surveyed. To assess the relationship, a multiple regression analysis was conducted. The result showed that by knowing a person’s early aviation interests, age, gender, family/friends’ influence, years of schooling, formal education, and airport size, one has 50% of the information needed to perfectly predict that person’s satisfaction in the airport manager profession. Moreover, it was found that females had a significantly higher career satisfaction score than their male counterparts. In addition, managers at large airports had a mean career satisfaction score that was significantly higher than the overall grand mean of all 39 airport managers working at the four types of airports.


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