Date of Award


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Master of Science (MS)


Behavioral Analysis

First Advisor

Rachael E. Ferguson

Second Advisor

Kaitlynn Gokey

Third Advisor

Jessica L. Wildman

Fourth Advisor

Robert A. Taylor


Verbal behavior, sports, and performance skills have been targeted in behavior analytic research in the past. However, no research to date has targeted Esports as a setting, nor has there been a substantial focus on communication as a target as opposed to more technical skills in sports, organizations, or similar settings. Esports is a large, growing industry of competitive videogaming, with a variety of games represented at different levels, many of which are team-based and require significant coordination and cooperation between players on a team. Thus, in this study we targeted verbal responses in a team of collegiate Esports players in a southeastern United States university using task clarification, goal setting, and individual graphic and verbal feedback. The results showed visible increases in verbal behavior such as objective statements and request statements for Esports players.


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