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Master of Science (MS)


Behavioral Analysis

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Rachael Tilka

Second Advisor

David Wilder

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Nicholas Weatherly

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Gary Burns


Research in the area of Organizational Behavior management (OBM) has demonstrated the effectiveness of behavior analytic interventions on performance in workplace settings. Despite the utility of these procedures, functional assessments used to identify variables maintaining performance deficits have been underutilized and underreported in the OBM literature. Research on functional assessment has been particularly scarce in the area of behavioral systems analysis (BSA), a subfield of OBM that focuses on changing organizational performance through the individual, process, and organizational levels. Without empirical validation of preintervention assessment in BSA, it is unclear to what extent these assessments contribute to the effectiveness of BSA interventions. The present study assessed the effects of a process level diagnostic tool designed to aid in the identification of common process level disconnects. Results indicated that there was no statistically significant difference in mean scores of participants who used the tool to identify disconnects versus those who identified disconnects without the use of the tool. Ideas for future research including possible suggestions for increasing the efficiency of the tool in aiding in the identification of process disconnects are discussed.


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