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Master of Science (MS)


Arts and Communication

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YJ Sohn

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A. Cudmore

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H.H. Edwards

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R.A. Taylor


The purpose of this study is to explore how beauty brands use social media to meet customer’s needs and improve customer engagement through social media posts. The development of social media helps brands to extend their marketing areas and gain various benefits. Based on the uses and gratification theory and literature about customer engagement, this study proposes several aspects about posts include posting day, message originality, medium t ype, post content, and all affect customer engagements online. In this study, the researcher content analysis 2,676 posts from the Top 10 beauty brands on Sina Weibo, the biggest micro blogging website in China. In the results, customer engagements on Weib o were positively affected by posts with videos, incentive posts, giveaway posts, news posts, shows posts, feedback posts, and post within celebrity or spokesperson content.


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