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Master of Science (MS)


Arts and Communication

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Heidi Hatfield Edwards

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Dzmitry Yuran

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Charles Bryant

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Robert Taylor


With rising healthcare costs, it is critical for corporate wellness to be prevalent in the workplace in order to assist employees and their family members to make healthy lifestyle choices. The materials provided in the following design project serve as a guide for the Florida Institute of Technology Wellness Committee in the form of a strategic communication plan. For the Wellness Committee to succeed and have a more profound presence on campus, missions, goals, and objectives must be set in place. In addition, to efficiently make use of their time, the Office of Human Resources staff members should set tasks and timelines to ensure that the goals and objectives are being accomplished. Lastly, this design project provides templates for the Wellness Committee to use to create awareness and market events selected by the committee. In combining these facets, the Wellness Committee will have a stronger presence on campus and will be more effective as a resource for Florida Institute of Technology employees to live healthier lives.


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