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Master of Science (MS)


Arts and Communication

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Heidi Hatfield Edwards

Second Advisor

Ted Petersen

Third Advisor

Andrew Cudmore

Fourth Advisor

Robert Taylor


The Florida Tech Copy Center with its various constituents on the Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) campus had a need for a strategic communication plan that would increase its awareness and usability of its services. This design project addresses these two needs with a delineated plan that will assist in increasing the Copy Center’s visibility as an in-house digital print center. The plan includes an overall understanding of the challenges the Center currently faces in the form of a situation analysis, goals and objectives, strategies and tactics, a timeline, and a budget. This goal-oriented document formalizes the visual identity of the Copy Center, which will enhance the communication messages and channels to reach the audience. This plan will impact the future of the Copy Center to allow growth and the possibility of expansion. This will lead to success of the center for many years to come.


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