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Master of Science (MS)


Arts and Communication

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Heidi Hatfield Edwards

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A. Lucas Stephane

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Theodore G. Petersen

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Robert A. Taylor


This study investigated the effectiveness of digital wellness software by attempting to measure the utility of Apple’s Screen Time as a means of curbing smartphone dependency. It involved following the activities of eight iPhone users who were encouraged to use and pay attention to Screen Time over the course of a week. They were interviewed at the start of the process to get a feel of how they use their phones as well as what knowledge they had about Screen Time, and then at the end of the process to measure any changes that might have emerged. Each participant’s Screen Time data was also recorded with screenshots and taken into account as part of the analysis. The findings showed overall that focused attention to Screen Time is capable of affecting smartphone usage patterns and helping iPhone users take control of the way and extent to which they use their devices.


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