Date of Award


Document Type

Doctoral Research Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)



First Advisor

Kristi S. Van Sickle

Second Advisor

Richard T. Elmore Jr.

Third Advisor

John Deaton

Fourth Advisor

Mary Beth Kenkel


This study investigated the health behaviors and overall perceived health among psychologists and psychology trainees. Results revealed significant correlations between overall perceived health and physical activity, BMI, fruit and vegetable intake. Additionally, results revealed significant correlations between days of poor mental health and physical activity, fruit intake and vegetable intake. Lastly, results revealed correlations between days of functional impairment and physical activity. The results of this study expand upon the growing literature related to health professionals’ personal health behaviors and how they impact one’s perceived health. Further research is required to identify and expand investigation of factors impacting psychologists and trainees’ overall perceived health and functional impairment.


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