Date of Award


Document Type

Doctoral Research Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)



First Advisor

Frank M. Webbe

Second Advisor

Anthony P. LoGalbo

Third Advisor

Natalie M. Dorfeld

Fourth Advisor

Lisa A. Steelman


The aim of this study was to examine convergent validity of similar domains in two commonly used neurocognitive assessments for concussion, the Sports Concussion Assessment Tool-5 (SCAT-5) and the Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT). The SCAT-5 and ImPACT will be described in great detail in the background review and only noted in the methods section of this paper. Baseline performance on these measures was analyzed from a sample of approximately 747 college athletes. Individual performance in the same neurocognitive domain was compared for consistency across SCAT-5 and ImPACT tests. Domains included immediate and delayed verbal memory, as well as concentration and attention. Additionally, group performance based on order of administration was compared to rule out the possibility of extraneous influences on performance. Results of this study confirm that these widely used concussion measures demonstrate convergent validity within the tested domains by showing stability within individual athlete’s performance across measures; however, the size of the effects ranged from small to medium. Findings also support the literature on the use of multiple cognitive performance measures in concussion management.


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