Date of Award


Document Type

Doctoral Research Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)



First Advisor

Philip D. Farber

Second Advisor

Richard T. Elmore

Third Advisor

John Frongillo

Fourth Advisor

Mary Beth Kenkel


In attempt to measure one’s self-knowledge, Miller (2000) developed the Scale of Accurate Personality Prediction (SAPP), which is a measure derived from obtained and self-predicted scores across the 21 scales of the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF). The aim of this investigation was to assess which of the 16PF primary and global factors are the best predictors of SAPP scores. Identification of these predictor variables would then allow for the derivation of one’s SAPP score directly from the those determined factors. Archival data consisting of 645 participants were analyzed through a series of regression analyses across four random samples of the data base, in the attempt to increase the reliability of the results. Analysis indicated that in three of the four samples, Tough Mindedness (TM-) and Tension(Q4+) emerged as the best predictors of the SAPP scores. In addition, Emotional Control Stability (C+), Dominance (E-), Apprehension (O+) and Suspiciousness (L) acted as predictive factors in two of the four random samples. These results were then compared to some previous similar efforts.


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