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Master of Science (MS)



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Xinxuan Che

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Meredith Carroll

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Patrick Converse

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Lisa Steelman


This study was conducted to further research the impact of leadership style on leader-member exchange (LMX), and to investigate the role of individual uncertainty avoidance and trust on LMX when paired with the two leadership styles (transactional and transformational leadership). Three samples were collected. Sample 1 included 32 dyadic undergraduate student and leader pairs from a midsize southern private university; Sample 2 included 118 leaders recruited through Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk); Sample 3 included 141 followers recruited through Mturk. Results indicated positive relationships between follower and leader perceptions of transactional and transformational leadership style and leadermember exchange. Moreover, there are positive associations between agreement in perceptions of leadership style and agreement in leader-member exchange quality. The results also show that follower trust acts as a moderator for the relationship between follower reported transactional leadership and leader-member exchange, though not in the way hypothesized. However, follower uncertainty avoidance was not a significant moderator of the same relationships aforementioned. The findings, limitations and theoretical and practical implications are further discussed.


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