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Doctor of Philosophy in Aviation Sciences



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Deborah S. Carstens


The purpose of the current study was twofold: (a) to describe the contributing factors of vehicle and pedestrian deviation (V/PD) runway incursions (RIs) nationally, and (b) to describe what mitigation approaches/strategies airport managers recommend or find to be effective. The current study used a content analysis in identifying airports with more than 10 V/PD RIs within Fiscal Years (FY) 2011 to FY 2016. After the study population was identified, phenomenological design was used to poll airport executives of the previously identified airports. The 11 participants elected to either complete an anonymous survey or participate in a telephone interview. Spradley’s (2016) domain analysis was used to determine common themes and conjectures from domains, cover terms, and included terms from participants’ responses. The domains that emerged from the contextual analysis were: (a) contributing factors of V/PD RIs, and (b) airport managers’ recommended V/PD RI mitigation approaches/strategies. Findings suggest that a multipronged approach consisting of management, planning, security, human behavior, situation awareness, human resources, and training should be utilized by airport executives in mitigating V/PD RIs. Findings are also beneficial to new hire and experienced airport executives and managers in creating or augmenting their existing V/PD RI mitigation practices.


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