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Master of Science (MS)



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Patrick Converse

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Gary Burns

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Debbie Lelekis

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Lisa Steelman


Resumes remain a popular selection tool in practice but are rarely researched. Moreover, little is known about how much variability is present across resume ratings and how much of that variability may be attributed to the resume rater’s own individual differences. Therefore, the present study aims to address these issues by investigating the influence of resume raters’ characteristics on resume hirability and personality ratings. More specifically, drawing from the lens model and related research, the present study examines the association between resume rater personality, dispositional intelligence, gender, experience, and cognitive ability and hirability and personality ratings. Using a cross-sectional survey design, the present study sampled 102 participants who have had to rate and/or evaluate resumes for their current or previous job(s). Participants completed target individual difference construct measures and participated in a resume rating activity using four student resumes. Results from the study indicated that there was variability in hirability ratings and personality rating accuracy across raters but the rater individual differences did not significantly relate to these outcomes with the exception of dispositional intelligence, which related to the accuracy of personality ratings. These findings suggest that more research is needed to investigate variability in resume ratings.


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