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Master of Science (MS)



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Catherine A. Nicholson

Second Advisor

David A. Wilder

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Victoria M. Follette

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Lisa Steelman


Researchers have noted that children with autism have difficulty generalizing responses to stimuli outside of those used in training. Some studies have analyzed ways to promote generalization such as using concurrent training or using stimuli that would be most similar to those found in the natural environment. Little research, however, has investigated strategies for promoting generalization of action tacts. The current study investigated two different types of stimulus delivery forms: static (i.e., pictures), which are typically used during instruction, and dynamic (i.e., videos), which may provide stimulation closer to that which a child would encounter in a natural setting. Findings suggest videos are a more effective and efficient method for promoting generalization of action tacts to the natural environment. Results may provide practitioners news ways to teach tacting actions for individuals with autism.


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