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Master of Science in Aviation - Applied Aviation Safety



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Scott R. Winter

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Deborah Carstens

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Mehmet Kaya


Consumer emotions play an important role in the marketplace nowadays, which can either directly or indirectly affect the marketing outcomes. Consumer complaints are believed to occur if consumers begin to generate negative emotions due to an unfavorable service experience. However, there are also existing controversies. Moreover, males and females tended to show different attitudes towards complaining in different situations. There is a great significance of doing the research of consumer complaints in commercial airline industry because a majority of the predominant research concentrates on the consumer complaint behaviors in market places such as restaurant, hospital, hotel, and shopping mall. The research involves a quantitative research methodology to conduct an online survey among selected sample participants in Amazon® Mechanical Turk® (MTurk) and use measurable data to formulate facts and to uncover patterns in research. After conducting all the descriptive statistics as well as the two-way mixed ANOVA, a significant main effect of airline operation issue has been identified. However, there was not a main effect of gender as well as a non-statistical significant interaction between gender and airline operation issue. Future studies are recommended to conduct to explore further detailed explanations.

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