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Master of Science (MS)



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Gary Burns

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Patrick Converse

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Catherine Nicholson

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Robert Taylor


Research exploring the dynamics between work and family has primarily focused on the conflict that can arise between them, and there continues to be a gap in the more positive aspects of this dynamic. Work-family enrichment helps to view these roles as allies, and focus’ on how people can use resources found in one role to benefit another; with a greater number of roles leading to a greater opportunity for resources. The implication of these and similar findings give employees and organizations a necessary perspective towards improving well-being and performance. Trait affectivity, and more specifically, proactive behavior, has been cited as a possible mechanism to further understand the relationship between work and family. The goal of this study is to a) understand role accumulation from a resource gain development and role accumulation theory and how that can lead to role enrichment, and b) how proactive behavior and proactive coping can moderate the relationship between role accumulation and role enrichment.


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