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Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Jessica L. Wildman

Second Advisor

Patrick Converse

Third Advisor

Heidi Hatfield Edwards

Fourth Advisor

Mary Beth Kenkel


Interest in shared leadership stems from the growing evidence that adopting this approach to team management results in enhanced team performance, team effectiveness, and team satisfaction. However, to fully realize the value of shared leadership, we must understand exactly what shared leadership is as well as when and how it evolves in teams. This study used teams’ verbal communication data to identify shared leadership behaviors and to explore the relationship between behaviorally-enacted shared leadership and its perception by the team members. In addition, the study examined the impact of power distance on shared leadership. The results show that, despite behaviorally-enacted shared leadership being a significant predictor of shared leadership perception, there is still a large amount of unexplained variance that needs to be explored. The expected impact of power distance on the perception and the enactment of shared leadership was not found.