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Master of Science In Aviation Human Factors



First Advisor

Deborah Carstens

Second Advisor

Victoria Dunbar

Third Advisor

Heidi Hatfield Edwards


Ultraviolet (UV) radiation and its effects on crewmember health will be evaluated by examining the variables that impact the intensity of UV radiation and the health concerns associated with this exposure. The purpose of this study was to (a) identify how Ultraviolet A (UVA) exposure is different in an aircraft cockpit when compared to the exposure at sea-level and (b) expose the adverse health impacts associated with an increased exposure of UVA radiation. This was accomplished through an examination of UV radiation and the variables that impact its effectiveness. After this analysis, the adverse health impacts experienced from UV radiation were discussed: skin damage, ocular damage, and immunosuppression. These areas are essential as they all relate to how crewmember health is impacted by UV radiation. Next, a quantitative experimental design was conducted by examining and analyzing archival data of UVA radiation measurements previously collected in the cockpit of a Citation X. By so, a greater understanding of UV radiation exposure in the cockpit was obtained and these findings can add to the current body of literature in this area.

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Aviation Commons