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Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Gary Burns

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Vanessa Edkins

Third Advisor

Katrina Merlini

Fourth Advisor

Robert A. Taylor


Understanding an employee’s perspectives of their organization, team and leader has been researched extensively in the field. The same can be said for diversity, equity, and inclusion. However there have been gaps in the literature when it comes to an employee’s perception and how they can dictate their approach to their work environment. Grounded in the theory of the effect leadership has on employees (Jung & Welch, 2022; Randolph-Seng et al., 2016), this study examines vary leader behaviors (inclusion, antiracism, allyship) and how they interact with perceptions of inclusion and diversity. Using a survey, 211 participants answered measures assessing their perceptions of leader behaviors, DE&I perceptions, and their commitment/intentions toward their job. Although there were a few significant results, future directions and limitations are discussed to enlighten potential researchers/practitioners on different approaches and initiatives worth examining