Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Aerospace, Physics, and Space Sciences

First Advisor

Razvan Rusovici

Second Advisor

David Fleming

Third Advisor

Paul Cosentino

Fourth Advisor

Hamid Hefazi


This paper describes a method for predicting aircraft aerodynamic and inertial loading on a structural finite element model, (FEM) based on static aeroelastic coefficients. These coefficients are computed via interpolated spline methods within NASTRAN Solution 144 (static aeroelastic solution) and the “TRIM” module to connect the doublet-lattice model (DLM) and the structural finite element model for a coupled solution. The database is created by selecting key breakpoints where linear interpolation techniques can be utilized to develop and predict static aeroelastic coefficients for the prediction of any aircraft state for a given transient solution. This method is applicable from conceptual design through flight test. The methodology described in this paper is essential for aircraft design and analysis from initial stages of conceptual design through flight test and beyond. The procedure for analysis varies slightly between the analysis types. However, the premise is, in general constant. The variation stems most significantly from the source and reliability of the data.


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