Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Aerospace, Physics, and Space Sciences

First Advisor

Brian A. Kish

Second Advisor

Ralph D. Kimberlin

Third Advisor

Stephen K. Cusick

Fourth Advisor

Hamid Hefazi


The prototype WingBug was an innovative concept by Straight & Level Technologies to measure airspeed, altitude, temperature, Euler angles, angular rates, and acceleration information. The unit was portable, self-powered, streamed data via WiFi to any tablet or smart phone in the cockpit, and cost less than $1000. It measured 8”x3”x3”, weighed 6 ounces, and used a GoPro mount to attach externally to any aircraft. This thesis covers results from the initial flight test program flown at the Florida Institute of Technology in 2016. The WingBug was flown on a Piper Warrior. Data from the WingBug were compared to “truth” data from the Piper Warrior. Test points were limited to static points (e.g. constant bank-angle turns). An evaluation of the tablet display was also performed. While the display is suitable, the accuracy of the prototype WingBug data needs improvement and is currently not suitable for flight test use.