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Master of Science In Aviation Human Factors



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Deborah Carstens

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John Deaton

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William Arrasmith


The number of reported laser strikes on aircraft has increased over the years. Laser strikes pose a threat to safety and thus, warrant attention and mitigation efforts. Laser Eye Protection (LEP) is one mitigation method available to pilots; however, LEP can affect a person’s color vision. When wearing the LEP pilots should be able to retain sufficient color recognition and discrimination abilities. This exploratory study investigates the effect of LEP on color recognition and discrimination of four colors, red, blue, green, and amber, using a sample of 90 participants. When using the LEP the majority of participants were able to identify or recognize the correct color, but color discrimination between different shades of the same general color proved to be less accurate. Of the four investigated colors, results suggest that color recognition of amber was the most affected by LEP.

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Aviation Commons