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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Biomedical and Chemical Engineering and Sciences

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Yi Liao

Second Advisor

Rudolf Wehmschulte

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Robert Usselman

Fourth Advisor

Ersoy Subasi


Metastable state photoacids (mPAHs) are molecules that possess a photoinduced metastable state with high acidity and good reversibility. The metastable state lasts long enough to produce a high proton concentration, which can drive various proton transfer processes. MPAHs have been intensively studied in recent years and applied to different chemical, material, biomedical areas. Covalently linking many mPAHs in a polymer allows the generation of a local proton concentration higher than that of the overall system. This dissertation described my PhD work on the synthesis of mPAH polymers using different radical and ring-opening polymerization methods. These polymers can repeatedly produce a high local concentration of proton even in a pH buffer.In addition, my work on nanoparticles containing a photo carbon monoxide releasing molecule is also described.


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